JSP/New Local Plan – South Gloucestershire Council Community Consultation Events

Please be aware that South Gloucestershire Council Strategic Planning team has organised some community events to consult with residents on the emerging West of England Joint Spatial Plan, which identifies the five new strategic development locations with South Gloucestershire.  This is an opportunity for residents to make their opinions known to SGC Officers.  Please note that ALL events will take place between 2.00pm and 8.00pm.  Put the date(s) in your diary!

CHARFIELD Event – Charfield Memorial Hall – Wednesday 20th September 2017

Coalpit Heath Event – Village Hall/Miners Institute – Friday 22nd September 2017

Thornbury Event – Armstrong Hall – Friday 29th September 2017

Yate Event – Sodbury Town Hall – Wednesday 4th October 2017

Buckover Event – Falfield Village Hall – Friday 6th October 2017

Damaged Tree – Manor Road/Underhill Road

The damaged tree on the green space at the junction of Manor Road and Underhill Road has been reported to South Gloucestershire Council.  The Parish Council offered to remove the tree and re-plant with a new one.  However, we have just been notified that South Glos Council will be removing the tree and will schedule a re-planting in the winter.

PROW OCH8 (rail crossing) Update

I’ve today received an update from the Planning Inspectorate regarding the outcome of the public footpath OCH8 diversion order. You can see the letter in three parts below but essentially the decision was made to pass the whole process directly to the Secretary of State for EFRA, for the consideration of either a bridge or tunnel option. More updates no doubt in the fullness of time. Continue reading PROW OCH8 (rail crossing) Update

South Gloucestershire Council – Development Control (West) Meeting

As you know, South Gloucestershire Council held the Development Control (West) Committee meeting on Thursday 27th July 2017 to discuss (amongst others) the Barratts planning application PT16/6924/O.  The meeting was really well attended with somewhere in the region of thirty Charfield residents present – there were so many people there they had to get extra chairs out!  The Clerk re-presented the Parish Council’s objections to the application and Cllr. O’Neill reiterated objections.  In case you didn’t know, the DC Committee voted unanimously to refuse the application!  Below are some notes made by the Clerk – they are not extensive, just some of a salient points raised by the Planning Officer.

DC West Committee – 27.07.17


Warner’s Court Site Meeting

Here is the full text of Chairman Councillor Mark Rosher’s presentation to the Development Control (West) Sites Inspection Sub Committee, on their visit to the land at Warner’s Court. There is also the full text of Ward Councillor John O’Neill’s and “Fighting for Charfield” leader Liam Balloch’s presentations.

The planning pack that the sub committee had for reference is here.

Continue reading Warner’s Court Site Meeting