Charfield Parish Council responds to the JSP Consultation

The following text was agreed at the full meeting of Charfield Parish Council today 12th December 2017 and forms our response to the Regulation 19 Consultation into the West of England Joint Spatial Plan.

Charfield Parish Council response to the Joint Spatial Strategy

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JSP Consultation, Chairman’s Thoughts

Just to note the consultation period for the JSP has now opened and runs until 10th January 2018. The consultation home page can be found here

It’s really worth taking some time to read the full JSP before deciding how to respond. Don’t forget the local meetings with FFC too.

Note especially for Charfield (Policy 7.9) the JSP talks about providing *or contributing to* a strategic transport package.

In my personal opinion there must be a *fully implemented* strategic transport strategy prior to expansion of housing in the area. Contributions to a poorly thought out transport infrastructure are not acceptable.

Crest Nicolson Liaison Meeting

Charfield Parish Council will be hosting a liaison meeting with the Crest Nicolson developers in early September, to discuss issues arising from the construction of 106 homes at the Wotton end of the village.  Although this is not a public meeting, it is the best platform for engaging with the developers in order to raise parishioners concerns and find solutions to issues as construction continues.  The Parish Council already has a number of agenda items, but please contact the Clerk if there is anything you would like the Parish Council to cover at the meeting.   Likewise, a liaison meeting with Bellway Homes is being sought.

Barratts to Appeal via Public Inquiry

The application for a 121 home drop-in development at Warners Court farm, which was Refused by South Gloucestershire, is to go to a Public Inquiry. Date to be advised.

There is a short period between now and 3rd October when written submissions can be made to the Planning Inspectorate. Details in the letter, click here.

When writing in support of the Refusal, it may be useful first to read the DEVELOPMENT CONTROL (WEST) COMMITTEE Report of 21st July 2017 which can be found on the South Gloucestershire planning portal using the application number PT16/6924/O.

PROW OCH8 (rail crossing) Update

I’ve today received an update from the Planning Inspectorate regarding the outcome of the public footpath OCH8 diversion order. You can see the letter in three parts below but essentially the decision was made to pass the whole process directly to the Secretary of State for EFRA, for the consideration of either a bridge or tunnel option. More updates no doubt in the fullness of time. Continue reading PROW OCH8 (rail crossing) Update

Warner’s Court Site Meeting

Here is the full text of Chairman Councillor Mark Rosher’s presentation to the Development Control (West) Sites Inspection Sub Committee, on their visit to the land at Warner’s Court. There is also the full text of Ward Councillor John O’Neill’s and “Fighting for Charfield” leader Liam Balloch’s presentations.

The planning pack that the sub committee had for reference is here.

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Chairman’s Perspective (a personal commentary)

At the Charfield Parish meeting yesterday evening, sadly, a mere handful of the two thousand residents turned out to discuss matters appertaining to their village. That so few turned out is perhaps a statement of how powerless residents feel at the madly unsustainable proposals for our small rural commuter village, nestled between north Bristol and Stroud on the very border between South Gloucestershire (and now the whole West of England Combined Authority) and Gloucestershire. And yet apathy offers no solution, and simply presents no resistance to development plans that would double the number of homes and double the number of cars, but which in no way address the resulting congestion or the dearth of facilities such as schooling, medical or employment.

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