Charfield is changing. It always has. But perhaps the next twenty years will be extraordinary, with challenges that will task not only residents of the village but people for miles around. The Joint Spatial Plan developed by the West of England Combined Authority has identified our village as a Strategic Development Location, and has proposed expanding the village from its current thousand houses with an additional 1200 homes, perhaps more.

Any Parish Council reflects the voice of the residents it serves, and we strongly believe this more than doubling of the village in such a short space of time is not a sustainable proposition. The village is not “NIMBY” and recognises the need for housing, especially for starter and affordable homes, but cannot see any reasonable, feasible mitigation for the amount of additional traffic the new houses will add to the already congested local road network. No practical and fully funded plans have been put forward to date for the reopening of the railway station at Charfield. No practical and fully funded plans have been put forward for the improvement of the “not fit for purpose” motorway junction at M5J14. And no practical and fully funded plan has been put forward to clarify how the Wotton Road, which is the main road through the village and a B-road trunk route for commuters between Gloucestershire and the motorway, will be improved to make it safe and congestion free. If there are plans, we have yet to see them. We don’t think there are any at the time of writing. [April 2018]

Charfield Parish Council instigated a Neighbourhood Development Plan team back in 2015, to examine how residents felt the village should progress into the next decades. Community engagement and surveys were undertaken, but the Plan team were faced with constant churn as first the JSP and then the new South Gloucestershire Local Plan were drafted and moved through the adoption process. As a subsidiary document to both the JSP and the LP the NP had to keep reinventing itself to remain relevant to the changing demands of the upper tier documents. As such the process has been slow.

This page stands to hold the changing landscape of Charfield, figuratively and literally.

Recent and Impending Developments

  • Crest Nicholson 106 Houses to the east of the village, south of Wotton Road.
  • Bellway 64 Houses in the centre of the village to the north of the Wotton Road
  • Barratt Homes 121 Houses and a shop at Warners Court, close by the railway bridge
  • A new Supermarket on the Fews’s Bryant Tyres site.

Proposed Developments if the JSP is Adopted

  • CEG Up To 900 Houses and new primary school behind Manor Lane and Woodlands
  • Bloor Homes Up To 250 Houses behind New Street reaching to Charfield Mills
  • Possible additional >100 Houses behind the new Crest Nicholson site at Hill House Farm

The map below shows the Call for Sites as of Spring 2018. The larger site at Tortworth is not expected to move forward, but you can see an additional plot behind the Crest Nicholson development (called on the map “Charfield Green”) and another to the north of Charfield Hill.