This application (PT16/6924/O) is subject to a Public Inquiry. Initially set for March 2018 it was postponed when the venue at Eastwood Park had an on site issue. The Public Inquiry has been rescheduled to 26th to 29th June and 3rd to 6th July 2018, at Eastwood Park GL12 8DA [updated 23/5/18]

Prior to the planning application being lodged with South Gloucestershire Council, the developer was written to by the Strategic Planning Policy Manager, who asked that the application be held back and dealt with through the JSP. This did not happen, hence the Refusal and the Appeal by Public Inquiry.

The Parish Council also argued it was premature to bring forward speculative “drop-in” planning applications while the JSP was being determined. It also argued that the traffic access, close by the blind bended hump backed railway bridge and the playing field and community centre, raised grave concerns for road safety. Indeed, subsequent to this there was both a tragically fatal and another serious road traffic accident at this location in the early months of 2018.

Charfield Parish Council has argued that this site, if it is to be taken out of agricultural use, should best be used as an extension to the community infrastructure, as a pedestrianised community and small business hub, incorporating bungalow elderly residential and small retail. This would add to the facilities and dwelling options in the village and reduce the risk of additional traffic movements into an already hazardous section of road. At this stage no changes have been made to the application.

[last update May 2018]

Statements from Parish Council and Ward Member at Site Visit 15th June 2017

Gazette writes SGlos are seeking the SoS to recover the Appeal. [June 2018]