The construction site at the field once known as Day House Leaze has proven challenging and has raised many learning points for the Parish Council in dealing with future development applications. Inevitably, there is an impact on the local and passing through community when a large building site is under way, but in the case of this one we feel traffic management and road cleanliness issues could have been far better regulated and monitored.

The site was the subject of multiple applications including for a part residential and part care home development, and went to Appeal at the High Court. Ultimately, the Outline Application PT16/0462/O and Full Reserved Matters Application PT16/6580/RM were permitted, for 64 dwellings to be constructed by Bellway Homes.

Because of the constrained entry to the field in the early stages, there were issues in moving large construction machinery onto and off site which caused the pavements to be mounted. Conflicts with large moving machinery and the primary school run were raised at the local liaison meetings which were a Condition of the permission.

Subsequently, as the groundworks remodelled the topology of the field, increasing amounts of thick mud, rocks and stones were deposited on the main Wotton Road. Again, this was dealt with in liaison with the developer and road sweeping was undertaken by the developer which reduced but did not eradicate the hazardous condition of the road. Correspondence was received from people who had had stones flicked up at them from passing traffic.

Finally, and wholly necessary, temporary traffic lights were erected to allow works in the main Wotton Road including relocating traffic bollards and introducing new mains services onto the construction site. Representations from Parish and Ward Councillors sought to reduce the impact of these traffic restrictions, but complaints were received concerning the large peak time traffic jams and general congestion caused.

While accepting that building sites create mess, noise and traffic obstructions, there is a strong case for more clarity from the Planning Authority in terms of requiring Traffic Management Plans, on site wheel washing, and the avoidance of peak time deliveries to site. It should also be recognised that the construction company responded well to concerns from the adjacent primary school particularly with regard to noise during SATs.