Public access to the quarry is not authorised and quarries are dangerous places.

The quarry to the south of the village is called Wickwar Quarry but is equally close to Charfield and particularly Churchend. Operated by Cemex, the business inevitably impacts the village and the company works to reduce or mitigate that impact.

There are regular liaison meetings between the quarry company and the local parish councils and residents, and these have in recent years been chaired by the Charfield Parish Council chairman. Minutes of these meetings can be found by selecting the Cemex Liaison category in Simple Search.

If you want more information, do get in touch via the Clerk.

July 2019 – Update from CEMEX regarding their forthcoming planning application:-

For some time, CEMEX have been briefing the Cemex Liaison Group on the subject of the proposed extension to the quarry on Downs Road.  At the latest meeting of the Liaison Group on Tuesday July 16th, the company were able to put some flesh on the proposals and to set out a timetable for the pre-application consultation activities and subsequent submission of the application.  In essence the proposals involve ‘business as usual’ with outputs and activities continuing very much as they have been in recent years. The proposed extension will be linked to the existing extraction area through a tunnel under Churchend Lane; material will be extracted from the new area, transported by dump truck through the tunnel to the primary crusher and then by conveyor into the existing processing plant – all very much in the way these activities are carried out now. The proposed extension will be no closer to any of the properties in Churchend than the existing extraction area is now. Following the briefing at the Liaison Group meeting, the company is planning to present the proposals in detail at the September meetings on the Charfield, Wickwar and Cromhall Parish Councils. Following these meetings, there will be a public exhibition at the quarry offices in October which will include tours or the quarry; dates and times of the public exhibition will be confirmed in due course. The pre-application consultation, consultation and consideration by South Gloucestershire and preparation will mean that, if approved, work would probably not begin until 2021. Regular updates will be provided during this process and the company will utilise a range of means of keeping local residents fully informed. In the meantime if you have any comments or queries, please email as below”.