There are several play areas and a sports pitch in Charfield.

The main facilities behind the Memorial Hall include sports pitches for football and cricket, a tennis court and a multi-use games area (MUGA), as well as a selection of children’s play equipment. These are all owned and (as of 1st April 2019) operated and maintained by the Memorial Hall and Playing Field charity.

Additionally, there is a local equipped area for play (LEAP) owned and operated by South Gloucestershire Council between the garage and the Longs View estate, and similar small play areas within the new Crest Nicholson estate and the new Bellway estate owned and operated by estate management companies. Local areas for play (LAP) also exist in the hexagonal semi-green area in the Manor estate as well as green spaces in Woodlands.

All these areas are available for all residents of Charfield to enjoy. If you find any defect or other concern regarding any of these facilities, the Parish Clerk will be happy to guide you to the appropriate authority.