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On October 15th 2015 it was agreed that promotional material for the Neighbourhood Plan be displayed at the November 8th Remembrance Sunday event in the Memorial Hall. The date for the Open Drop-In Day for the Parish was set for Wednesday afternoon, November 18th.

On 30th September 2015 a preliminary meeting of stakeholders including councillors, hall committee members and village plan folk met to discuss the viability of a Neighbourhood Plan and agreed a date (to be confirmed) for the Open Meeting.

In the upcoming Autumn 2015 CHADRA, the parish chairman will call for an open meeting of the parish to discuss forming a Neighbourhood Plan working group.

On 8th September 2015 your Parish Council met with South Gloucestershire to discuss the viability and usefulness of a Charfield Neighbourhood Plan. Key to the discussion was the question of how robust such a plan would be in the face of a predatory developer and a continuing lack of five year land housing supply.

On 14th July 2015 the Charfield Parish Council agreed to proceed with establishing a Neighbourhood Plan for Charfield. We are awaiting a response from South Gloucestershire Council on how they would support such a Plan, and will be holding a village meeting in the near future. Meanwhile, if you have questions or wish to be directly involved, do contact the Clerk.


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