This page holds information regarding the two major developments we are facing in 2015; Day House Leaze and Charfield Green. We viewed them as threats because both of these proposals were determined not to meet the needs and aspirations of the local community, and were refused permission by the local authority as contrary to the Local Plan. Both went to appeal and legal challenge, and both have been allowed. We’re now faced with dealing with them as best we can. From here on in (October 2015) these pages will be updated as the outline permissions become more detailed and work commences.

Brief History:

Charfield Green went to Public Inquiry, and was allowed on the basis that South Gloucestershire’s Local Plan was not robust and did not ensure a five year housing land supply. Day House Leaze went to the London High Court, who quashed it and referred it back to the planning inspector. The Inspector passed it back to South Gloucestershire who felt unable to refuse it. Both developments are now moving towards full planning, and further information will be available one these applications are received.

Our dismay at these developments was not born of NIMBY-ism. Charfield expects to grow, and has carried out consultations and surveys to determine the type and number of new homes that people in Charfield need. You can find out more about the 2013 Village Plan here, and the 2014 Housing Needs Survey here. You can see the Policies, Sites and Places Plan, which purported to set out the housing plan for the entire county here. In each case Charfield was identified as requiring a small number of small and affordable new homes; the imposition of two large scale large dwelling estates was contrary to local aspiration, local need, and the Local Plan.

Discussions on the possibility of further developments lead the village to commence with a Neighbourhood Plan; a pro-development legal device which can at least help shape the way ahead, rather than we sit back and await the tide. Please see the Pre-Neighbourhood Plan for early updates. The full Neighbourhood Plan section of this site is (October 2015) being built.

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