vanessarobertsI started living in South Glos in 1983, joining KLB in the first year while living in Hawkesbury Upton, until I went away to university.  In 1998 I came back to South Glos with my husband and we recently moved to Charfied with our 2 dogs.

I have wanted to give something back to the area for a while, but until I recently moved jobs I didn’t have the time to dedicate. I am no stranger to village life and I feel that part of living in a village is supporting the community.  

I have worked in pensions for 20 years  and I am now a corporate secretary to a pension trust board. Away from the day job a lot of our spare time is taken up with our 2 dogs, ‘wrinkly’  Shar Pei who entertain us with their antics.  I enjoy going to the theatre and watching rugby. am a very keen reader and enjoy a bit of star gazing.

As a new member of the council I look forward to supporting the community. If you see me out with my dogs please do say hello.