Erection of 106 no. dwellings, access, parking, public open space with play facilities and landscaping (outline) with access to be determined. All other matters reserved.

Link to South Gloucestershire Planning Portal PT13/4182/O

Charfield Parish Council Objected to this Application, and South Gloucestershire Planning Authority Refused to Permit. The developer then Appealed the decision. In part because the Appeal centred around the validity of South Gloucestershire’s almost new Core Strategy and about the competence of the Housing Land Supply, the Appeal took the form of a Public Inquiry. The Inquiry was held between 6th and 16th January 2015.

In July 2015 the outcome was published. In it, Queens Counsel determined that the appellant had demonstrated South Gloucestershire did not have a five year housing land supply and that Charfield was a ‘sustainable’ location with the benefits of the development outweighing the harm to the countryside. South Gloucestershire will not challenge this decision and therefore the development will go ahead.

The accumulated documents linked below remain for now, although in truth the only relevant document now is the decision. This was an outline application, and so detailed scrutiny will be required of the full application once it is lodged, and it is here where the worst harm may be mitigated.

The Chairman, Mark Rosher, has published a statement on behalf of the Parish Council, to urge the village to get behind the production of a Neighbourhood Plan.