Charfield and the JSP / JTS

Charfield and the Joint Spatial Strategy and Joint Transport Study
(proposes doubling the village in size)

too-many-housesThis page will grow, as time goes on. It is intended to provide information and guidance during the six weeks of the JSP and JTS Consultation, and reflects Charfield Parish Council’s belief that the plans are wholly unsustainable where they speak about our part of the West of England area.


Responding to the Consultation.

  1. You can access the Consultation using the link above. You need to be logged in to respond and therefore need to register yourselves onto the site.
  2. There are (only) six questions you can respond to, in free text, and for ease of reference you can see all six questions here. LINK.
  3. It is important to respond in a way which cannot be interpreted as NIMBY. We are not against all development, but this plan is unsustainable.
  4. It is important to understand the definition of Sustainable and how planners use it. You can find the definition and interpretation here. LINK.
  5. It will have more effect if you make your own response in your own words – a template reply is not likely to be seen as valid.
  6. It will be important to motivate everyone in the village/parish. The plan details a large area of which Charfield is a small part. We could be lost in the mist unless we speak with many individual voices. Tell your neighbours.
  7. We have six weeks from last Monday. The Consultation ends on 19th December. Don’t set this aside for later.

Key Points about the Plans you might wish to speak about

  1. Addressing the lack of five year housing land supply by giving over large areas such as Charfield to development implies the expansion of Charfield will be “front loaded” with development. This rapid growth will put pressure on services and infrastructure and dramatically change the community identity.
  2. There is no planned infrastructure mitigation for a doubling of the size of the village, with the consequent overloading of services (including those outside of the JSP/JTS area, in Gloucestershire). The roads, schools, doctors, dentists, shops and amenity parking are entirely overlooked, the problems being set aside awaiting “business cases”.
  3. The Plan discusses the re-opning of Charfield railway station but does not make it a pre-requisite of expansion of the village. Neither does it address the fact that additional trains would be required to address the already over-crowded trains calling at Yate station.
  4. The Joint Transport Study mentions improving Junction 14 of the M5 to address existing over-capacity. The additional development in this area including Charfield but also the proposed new garden village of Buckover (2,200 to 3,000 homes on the A38 between Whitfield and Milbury Heath) will negate these improvements, which in any case are proposed in order to take traffic off the M5 for safety reasons and are likely to increase congestion for traffic accessing or passing over the motorway.

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