Please note that closing submissions for recent Public Inquiry are available via the Defending Charfield Link…..

Click on Defending Charfield / Charfield Green and scroll to bottom.

You will note that inquiry has been adjourned until end of this month – 27th February 2015

Full Council Meeting 10th February

The next full meeting of Charfield Parish Council is on Tuesday evening 10th February, in the main room of the Memorial Hall, starting at 19:30.

The Agenda for the meeting will be uploaded here, one week prior to the meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend, and can speak (only) during Public Participation on matters relevant to Charfield.

Meeting minutes are agreed at the following meeting, and will then be filed in the Documents area of this web site for public scrutiny.

Hello world! We’re Back!

Charfield Parish Council would like to apologise for the loss of their web site, which failed catastrophically last weekend. No important information was lost, but given the severity of the crash we are taking a look at our web site and planning anew. Please bear with us, and remember that Hannah can always be contacted on her email address

Mark Rosher – Chairman and Webmaster (failed)