Village Hall Vacancy

The village Memorial Hall Committee are asking applicants for the part time paid position of Financial Administrator. The role focuses on managing the finances and the venue booking at the Memorial Hall. The Hall is central to the community of Charfield, and it is important to have this position filled as soon as possible. Click on each poster graphic below to see the advert and role description full size.

too-many-housesRunning alongside the Charfield Neighbourhood Plan, South Gloucestershire and three other authorities are consulting into the Joint Spatial Strategy and Joint Transport Study.

Recognising the potentially devastating effects these proposals could have on Charfield specifically, there is a meeting for parishioners on Tuesday 6th December at 19:30 in the village hall, where the Parish Council and Ward Councillor will offer thoughts as to why if and how we should respond to the consultations.

2017-2019 Grounds Maintenance Contract

The Grounds Maintenance Contract for 2017-2019 for Charfield Parish Council is now open for tender.  All tenders should be submitted by 17.00 hrs on 30th December 2016 in the format requested.  All queries should be directed to the Clerk, Mrs. Paula Evans at




Village Hall needs your help

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 18.48.13The village hall is a valuable asset to the whole village, and the committee who manage it perform outstandingly to keep it operational. Without a solid committee the whole enterprise could fold, and I don’t think anyone in Charfield would want that to happen. Please give some thought to whether you could help in this regard.