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The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group recently accepted a request from a consultant acting on behalf of a “land promoter which delivers community infrastructure”. Part of the remit of the Neighbourhood Plan is to demonstrate community engagement and it was felt appropriate to meet with this consultant.

The consultant has already visited various parts of the village and engaged with local people in formal and informal situations. They are also a member of the Facebook page ‘Charfield Village Forum’ so have been able to access conversations that members have posted. They stated both they and the promoter will continue to canvass local opinion on the future development of Charfield.

The company they represent is very interested in the potential for development if the JSP figures of 1000 new homes become a reality. It is in the public domain that the Parish Council is against the proposed increase in housing in the village and has strongly challenged the basis for such figures. This opposition was made very clear at our meeting and we felt that there was no common ground at this time to encourage us to meet with their clients.

The Neighbourhood Team will continue to engage with any individuals, groups or organisations that express a wish to have their views known. All such engagement as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process will be included in the evidence that has to, by law, support the Plan and on which all Parish residents (those registered on the electoral role) will have the opportunity to vote.

This is an opportunity to encourage everyone to engage with the Steering Group on issues that they think should be investigated as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process. We want to thank everyone for their engagement so far. The support from the community of Charfield has been encouraging and there is a clear vision forming of what residents hope for the future of the village.

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