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CNP Team Meeting Minutes 19th September 2018

Charfield Neighbourhood Plan – meeting minutes 19/Sept/2018 – 7:30 pm in the Sportsmans Lounge

Present: Mark Rosher (Chair), Ruth Balloch, John O’Neill, Ruth Buchannan, Maurice Buchannan, David Lines, Marcus Whawell, Laurence Parsons.

Apologies: Bev Burley, John Gregory (arrived later), Susie Smythe-Roberts. Not Present: Steve & Judy Drinkwater, Alex Threfall, Judith Law.


  • Warner’s Court appeal – South Glos Council’s (SGC) legal appeal is going ahead. This is now waiting to come up in court proceedings. Timetable is dependent on the courts. In the meantime, no development can be started.
  • SGC planners would like to talk to stakeholders in the village, not including developers. John O’Neill to arrange a time/place.
  • Air quality monitoring – the first quarterly result from the measuring equipment is in. The quarterly average is 18.6 μg/m3, compared to the national target of 40 μg/m3. However, it should be noted that the national target includes inner cities and it might be expected that a rural location would post lower results. The measuring equipment is sited near the school, on Wotton Road. The measuring equipment is also unable to give any more detailed readings regarding, for example, daily peaks and troughs.
  • A new version of the NPPF has been issued and SGC has published briefing notes. These should be taken into consideration when writing CNP policies.
  • The CNP team wishes to recognise the Fighting For Charfield traffic initiative. FFC are currently analysing the results and will publish their findings shortly.
  • JSP update:
    • AnotherconsultationisdueinNovember,onSustainabilityandHabitat.
    • The JSP hearing has now been put back to May 2019.
    • Technical and Legal hearings will be combined (they were due to be separate hearings).
    • The Joint Transport Plan consultation is due to happen in January 2019. This will include M5 J14 improvements and Charfield Railway Station.
    • CEG recently announced that they will be putting in their application for outline planning in November. SGC will not determine this until after the JSP hearing. There are concerns that this will open the door for an automatic appeal for non- determination, although CEG have verbally stated that they won’t do this.


  • Mark Rosher has produced a number of Discussion Documents on various topics that could become Policies. These were shared and discussed at the meeting and are also available in the Dropbox. The team were asked to review these documents and to come up with draft policies before the next meeting. When drafting policies, notice should also be taken of any Facebook forum feedback that is relevant. This feedback has also been collated and stored in Dropbox. There was lengthy discussion on these topics, particularly around Landscape Buffering and Health needs.
  • Action – all team members to review these documents and begin work on policies, either individually or collaboratively.
  • Action – all team members to check that they can access Dropbox and let Mark or Laurence know by the end of this week if they can’t.
  • A question was raised regarding whether we should seek outside help to draft a CEMP policy (Construction Environmental Management Plans) as this needs to be legally enforceable and is a particularly sensitive issue in the village. Action – David Lines to look at this.
  • A question was raised regarding whether the current school building and grounds could be used as a Business/Social Hub, should a new 3FE school be built. This could be investigated once more detailed development plans are available and once the Warner’s Court issue is resolved.
  • A question was asked as to whether other villagers can join these meeting. The answer is a definite Yes. The more people who can contribute to development of the Neighbourhood Plan, the more we can cover and the easier it will be on the rest of us. If you know of anyone who is interested in joining, please get them to send an email to and they can be added to the distribution list and invited to future meetings.

Next meeting:

  • The date of the next meeting has changed, and will now be Monday 22nd October at 7:30 in the main Village Hall.
  • The meeting closed at 9:20pm.

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