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CNP Team Meeting Minutes 30th April 2019

Charfield Neighbourhood Plan meeting

30th April 2019 7:30pm Sportsman’s lounge


Mark Rosher, John O’Neill, Ian Kershaw, Sarah Norton, Laurence Parsons, Steve Drinkwater, Judy Drinkwater, Marcus Whawell

The main item of or the agenda was to review the slides that Laurence had prepared in readiness for the village meeting on 10th June and the Village Fete on 29th June.

In addition, John O’Neill gave an update on current related matters that had been discussed with the council.

  • The MJ Fews retail/co-op style application is likely to go for approval shortly. This will be on the Bryant tyres site.
  • If successful, the Warners Court retail unit will be unlikely as there will not be demand for supermarkets either side of the bridge.
  • Air quality monitoring – John O’Neill has asked for the latest results to compare.

It was raised again how much the team appreciated the effort that Laurence had invested into the Neighbourhood Plan.

It was agreed that we should have a set of slides with the headers on them, so these could be displayed and explained verbally rather than attendees having to read the text verbatim.

The group then discussed the policies to be included in the Neighbourhood plan that all developments would have to adhere to. Listed below are only those areas where additional comments were made.

  • Broadband – Govt policy is for Fibre to the Property is standard where a development has more than 30 houses. We would like the CNP to include Fibre to Premises for all new houses.
  • It was raised that with the increase in requirement for affordable housing – there will be more residents who will not own a car and will be reliant upon reliable and frequent bus services. We agreed that a new policy regarding bus stops and bus shelters should be included in the plan.
  • Whilst there are insufficient houses to warrant a village doctors surgery, if the Chipping Surgery are expanding their capacity, regular public transport will be needed for a growing Charfield community.
  • Electric car charging points – we wanted to add in the requirement for these to be accessible either on the property drive or where allocated parking is not adjacent to premises.
  • Mark raised comments regarding solar roofs and geothermal heating to ensure Charfield is ahead of the curve.
  • There was a concern that CEG seem to have mentioned 3 storey housing in some documents and 2.5 storeys in others – we want to include that limiting the height of the property is important and wish to include that no more than 10% should be at 2.5+ storeys high.
  • We agreed that we would like to include a requirement for there to be a second road crossing of the railway to provide a relief road to ease the traffic on Wotton Road whilst also making sure this linked up with the rest of the village. This could open up the opportunity for development on the Hill House lane which is currently unlikely due to access issues.
  • Speed on Wotton Road continues to be a major issue and we agreed that the plan should include an average speed monitoring system set at 30mph.
  • There was much debate about whether the plan should keep the wording for making Wotton Road all double yellows through the village and it was agreed to keep this in the document.
  • We discussed the removal of the requirement for minority roads to have mini roundabouts as this would be covered by the local authority planning rules and not required in the CNP.
  • We discussed the wording of the pathways and pavements policy and suggested that we separate pathways into its own policy, so there were interconnecting pathways of certain size and style not just pavements along the roadways.
  • It was clarified that pathways would not go along/within the wildlife buffers but would cross them where access is available between existing and new parts of the village.
  • It was discussed that unless Charfield grew to a size of 19000 residents we are unlikely to warrant our own doctors surgery and dispensary.

Village Fete – It was suggested we have a few laminated copies of the slides plus note pads and pens to collect ideas and thoughts from residents, so we can evidence that we have engaged with all of the village, not just those who comment on the Village Facebook Forum.

Alex from the Wotton/Kingswood/Charfield Greenway group gave us an update on progress.

Phase one working with Sustrans is nearly complete and he will be able to share that with us.

Phase two relates to styles/construction and they are still fundraising to get this completed.

Alex said he will look to find some support to discuss the Greenway at the village meeting on the 29th June.

Mark said he would look at the Kingswood Village Plan which has been ratified to ascertain if they included the greenway in their Neighbourhood plan.

Meeting ended at 9.30pm

Next meeting 21st May at 7.30pm

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