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CNP Team Minutes 2nd April 2019

Charfield Neighbourhood Plan (CNP) Meeting

Sportsman’s Lounge 19:30 to 20:45 2nd April 2019


  • Laurence Parsons,
  • David Lines,
  • Ian Kershaw,
  • Marcus Whawell,
  • Steve Drinkwater,
  • Judy Drinkwater


  • Mark Rosher,
  • John O’Neill,
  • John Gregory

The group thanked Laurence again for his sterling work in bringing the CNP document to its current state.

Laurence and Marcus briefed the team on the recent Charfield Liaison Meeting with CEG/Barratts/Bloor/HillHouse.

The group discussed that CEG have now submitted their planning application, however the council will not make any determination until the JSP has been approved or declined. This means that the development is unlikely to start within the next 12 months.

We discussed the development boundary and there were mixed views upon where it would be drawn and what happens if it gets broken and if that puts the whole of the CNP at risk. Await Mark’s discussions with Dick Whittington.

Marcus confirmed that having looked at the other Strategic Development Locations impacted by the JSP, none had yet submitted their neighbourhood plans.

We returned to the policy document and agreed that all CNP members (present and unable to attend) should initially start to look at what policies we may be missing form the document and let Laurence know. We also discussed asking the village their view at the event on 10th June. Laurence also suggested we have a stall at the Village Fete on 29th June to catch the villagers not on Facebook. This was agreed a good idea. Laurence was going to organise us having a table. We also said we should make sure we can all explain who CNP is and what we do.

Ian asked if there were any updates re access to the CEG development from the rest of the village and suggested we include this in the policy.

Laurence asked everyone to review the passage on Integration (footpaths) to check if this is strongly worded enough. Also it was discussed should we have a policy around waste in the village.

There was an excellent discussion around further engagement with the newer residents of the village. Ie Crest residents to ask them for their views on what they like/don’t like/would change/could be done better having recently moved into a new development. We agreed this would be valuable data as the last NP questionnaires were a few years back. It also shows engagement with the enlarged community. We agreed that a single sided A4 5 or 6 questionnaire with space for answers was the best approach. Marcus agreed to liaise with Ruth about using the garage as a drop off point (Ruth has agreed this).

We all agreed that we needed to have a robust plan by the end of May ready for the 10th June village meeting.

The latest version of the plan is version 7 in the dropbox.

Next meeting agreed to be 7.30pm on 30th April as the Sportsman’s Lounge was available as were most attendees. Booked.

Possible questions for newer development residents

Have your say because you are part of the village and we want your input in how Charfield could grow.

Since moving to Charfield…..

  1. What are you not happy with?
  2. What are you happy about/worked well?
  3. What could have been done better?

Do you have any suggestions for the village to try and get developers to include in future developments?

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