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CNP Team Meeting Minutes 22nd January 2019

Charfield Neighbourhood Plan – meeting minutes 22/Jan/2019 – 7:30 pm in the Sportsmans Lounge

Present: Mark Rosher (Chair), John O’Neill, Ruth Buchannan, Maurice Buchannan, Don Brown, Margaret Brown, Marcus Whawell, Steve Drinkwater, Judy Drinkwater, Bev Burley, Laurence Parsons (minutes), David Lines.

Apologies: John Gregory, Ruth Balloch, Mark Smyth-Roberts

1. Mark Rosher had declared that he would be standing down as Chairman. No-one leapt up to seize the role, so he agreed to chair this meeting, but future meetings will be chaired on a meeting-by-meeting basis.
2. During this discussion, the value of having a plan was discussed. There are two clear and distinct benefits. The first is financial, in that communities that have a neighbourhood plan will receive an increase in the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy – currently £8 per square meter) from 15% to 25%. However, there is also the possibility that as we have been declared as a SDL, then we may not get any CIL. The situation is not clear. The second benefit is that the community will have a stronger say in how Charfield is developed. At the moment, there is no S. Glos Local Plan (which we would normally have to align with), so if we can get our plan in place first, they will have to align with us and we have a louder voice. It was also agreed that we should endeavour to make the plan so that it works both with or without the JSP. This is particularly important if the JSP is stopped, as we will have control over further speculative development.
3. Those that had attended last week’s Developer Liaison meeting gave feedback. There was the impression that CEG were starting to backtrack on provision of facilities (sports, school etc) and that reopening the railway station was starting to look less likely. The meeting thought that without the railway station, the JSP would be stopped, but will the inspectors feel the same?
4. The meeting then reviewed the Draft Plan (v0.5, January) and feed back was given to LP. The current draft was well received and gave the meeting a focal point for discussion. LP agreed to be the primary editor, receiving comments from the rest of the group and applying them to the master document. Further editions of the plan will be sent out in PDF format, so that everyone’s copy looks the same and page numbering will be consistent. Some of the main points raised during the session were:
a. Can we specify a requirement for a new doctor’s surgery? It appeared that Chipping surgery had already been asked this and had stated that it would need nearer 19,000 new homes to justify this. However, they already have expansion plans, and if we could include clinic facilities in a new community centre, this may attract part-time nurse/clinic provision.
b. The retail outlet planned at the Warners Court development now appears to be in doubt. There is also the possibility of a retail outlet at the MJ Fews site (Bryant Tyres). Both Co-op and Budgens have expressed interest in these sites. The Warners Court site is 280 sq M, and the MJ Fews space is 350 sq M in size. It was pointed out that retail sites over 280 sq M are subject to different rules, including more restrictive opening hours.
c. The document could benefit from a glossary.
d. The Parish Council have their Annual Meeting of the Parish on 21st May. It was suggested
that we could have some time at this meeting to share the plan with the wider community. However, it was felt that it would be better to have a separate village consultation meeting, which would concentrate on engaging the community with the plan. Details to be discussed at the next meeting when the plan will have advanced.
5. The CNP website, Facebook page and email list will be kept up-to-date with progress.

Actions: Everyone to review and comment on the current draft plan, feeding back to LP who will consolidate responses and update the master document. Everyone agreed that this could be done within one month. Please don’t leave it until the last minute! This includes:
• Are there any obvious policies missing?
• Do you disagree with any of the statements (and why?)
• Is the layout clear and logical? What would you change?
• Is the meaning clear? If you’re not sure what something means, then I’m very happy to rewrite it
to improve readability. The target is that any villager should be able to read and understand this.
• Are there terms or abbreviations that need to be explained in a glossary?
• Any other comments on the document as a whole.

Next meeting: The date of the next meeting will be

Tuesday 26th February at 7:30 in the Sportsmans Lounge (subject to booking).
The meeting closed at 9:30pm.

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