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CNP Team responds to Barratt’s application

The Charfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has written to South Gloucester Council in response to the planning application for land at Warner’s Court farm. This is the first strategic planning proposal that has come to the attention of the Group since we started the process of ‘making’ the Charfield Neighbourhood Plan.

The CNP team have written firstly to recommend no strategic application is allowed while the Neighbourhood Plan is in its build phase, as this is premature and harms the concept of Localism. You can read that letter here:

Barretts Homes – Planning Application Final Jan 2017

The team then followed this up with a constructive letter showing how Charfield residents had put forward comments which should be taken into account IF any strategic application were to be Permitted. That letter is here:

Letter of comment Warners Court Planning Applications Neighbourhood Plan Final Jan 2017


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