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Envelope Stuffing!

2016-10-19-020aToday the team were packing envelopes – take one cover sheet, one guidance note and one Neighbourhood Plan survey, wrap it up in a pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope… put it in the delivery envelope. And again. And again…

We did more than a thousand and we have some spares. They’re with the CHADRA team now, out for delivery very soon. Please do give over some time to reading it and completing it, and then returning it. We are very much counting on you now – a good return rate will add weight to the Plan, a poor one will put questions into the mind of the Inspector when it goes before them.

If you feel you’re overdue your copy, or you want another one, please get in touch. We have a few spares. And please keep yourselves updated as to other developments in the area, on the main parish council web site.

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