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Thank you to everyone who came!

CNP20160426aWell, you never do know how things will turn out, and as we approached the Wine and Cheese Community Event on the 26th April we pondered on how many tables to put out. Too many and it would look empty and unsupported, too few and folk might not stay. What to do… So we went with six tables of ten or twelve seats.

We immediately realised we’d need more tables, more seats! Well over eighty Charfielders turned out, and we expanded into the bar area. The interaction was tremendous, and we’ve got a lot of data to analyse.

The evening started with an explanation of our intention, what Neighbourhood Plans were and why a Plan for Charfield was the best way to address the potential of further development. The wine and cheese were very well received, and it broke the ice, if ice there was to break, because everyone got along and got stuck into the discussions.

The facilitators did a fantastic job of keeping the conversations on-topic, and we’ve come away with information that will guide the next stages in our development of the Neighbourhood Plan. Those next stages will be clarified in time, but for now we are all heads-down and going through the hundreds of post-it pad comments, charts and tick-sheets.

Thank you, Charfield.

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