Charfield Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

The Consultation version (v1.6) of the Charfield Neighbourhood Plan is available here The Public Consultation of the Plan is taking place from the 17th August. Sessions where members of the public can view the paper copy at the Charfield Village Hall are below: Tuesday 25th August 18:00-20:00Saturday 5th Sept 10:00-12:00Sunday 13th Sept 10:00-12:00 These sessions … Continue reading Charfield Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Charfield Neighbourhood Plan v1.4

The final pre-submission document is now available for public examination and can be downloaded HERE. Updated, see 1.6 Stakeholders are now being contacted for their comments prior to presentation to South Gloucestershire in late September. All comments to be received before 5pm on Friday 27th September, to at or to CNP, Charfield Parish Council, P O … Continue reading Charfield Neighbourhood Plan v1.4

JSP Consultation, Chairman’s Thoughts

Just to note the consultation period for the JSP has now opened and runs until 10th January 2018. The consultation home page can be found here It's really worth taking some time to read the full JSP before deciding how to respond. Don't forget the local meetings with FFC too. Note especially for Charfield … Continue reading JSP Consultation, Chairman’s Thoughts

JSP/New Local Plan – South Gloucestershire Council Community Consultation Events

Please be aware that South Gloucestershire Council Strategic Planning team has organised some community events to consult with residents on the emerging West of England Joint Spatial Plan, which identifies the five new strategic development locations with South Gloucestershire.  This is an opportunity for residents to make their opinions known to SGC Officers.  Please note that … Continue reading JSP/New Local Plan – South Gloucestershire Council Community Consultation Events

JSP/JTS Consultation goes LIVE

Today, and for the next six weeks, you respond to a Consultation on the Joint Spatial Strategy (JSP) and Joint Transport Study (JTS) now being developed. Charfield Parish Council is aware that these documents present an additional thousand homes for our village, doubling it in size over the next two decades, while making seemingly inadequate provision … Continue reading JSP/JTS Consultation goes LIVE