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Meeting 30th October 2019

A meeting was called to discuss the responses, particularly the South Gloucestershire Council response, to the 1.4 Draft Neighbourhood Plan which completed Reg 14 consultation recently.

In attendance: Laurence Parsons, Marcus Whawell, David Lines, John O’Neill, Mark Rosher, Maurice Buchanan. Apologies received from Steve and Judy Drinkwater.

The meeting went through a marked up copy of the Plan carrying notes from SGlos planners. Several changes were agreed, while some issues raised by SGlos were discussed and left as is. The willingness expressed by the SGlos Officer to attend a CNP meeting was welcomed by the meeting and this would be taken up at a future meeting, once the draft plan had been updated.

Actions from the meeting:

  • The “Vision for Charfield” section needs a re-vamp. Action: Marcus
  • The Policy on a new community centre to be revisited. Action: John G
  • The CEMP policies to be revisited. Action: David
  • Evidence of local Small Business success stories (e.g. Tortworth) to be identified for the Business Hub policy(016). Action: John O
  • Hardcopy evidence base to be made more easily referenced. Action: Mark
  • The remaining other document changes as discussed. Action: Laurence

It was agreed that we would invite Danny Dixon, the S.Glos Planning Policy Officer, to our next meeting, to discuss the next iteration of the plan and how we move this forward.

  • Action: Laurence

Next meeting was set for Wednesday Nov 27th. Maurice to book the hall.

  • Action: Maurice

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