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Notes from CNP Meeting 27th November 2019

  • Maurice Buchanan
  • John Gregory
  • Laurence Parsons
  • Mark Rosher
  • Marcus Whawell
  • David Lines
  • John O’Neill
  • Mark Rosher noted to the meeting that the Parish Council had established that CIL money could be used for the preparation of Neighbourhood Development Plans, and asked if the project foresaw any expenditure needs. He asked if there might be worth in a new village wide survey.
  • The meeting agreed that there was not a clear need. A new survey would set the project back at least three months, through the time taken to create, print and distribute the survey, then collect, collate and analyse the repossess. In the meantime the 2016 survey results remained valid and useful. Only if SGlos stated a need would the team countenance a new round of drafting consultation.
Meeting with ex- planning inspector
  • Marcus spoke of a meeting he had recently with a Charfield resident who was a retired Planning Inspector. Although the resident felt his experience was dated, it was a useful conversation. His opinion was that the JSP was dead as currently understood, and that the current planning document of substance remained the South Gloucestershire Core Strategy and associated adopted plans. This in no way identified Charfield for large scale development. He felt therefore the CNP team should work to produce the plan in alignment with the existing and current local authority plans.
Preface and Vision Statement
  • A number of statements were discussed and the latest version would seem to be:
  • This Plan outlines the way in which the village of Charfield seeks to evolve over the coming decades. It sets out standards and aspirations that should be met if permissions are granted for additional development. There is at this time no perceived local need for significant house building, particularly in the light of recent estate constructions at the Crest, Bellway and (soon) Barratt development sites. However, with an aspiration to address the ongoing climate and ecological emergency declared both in Charfield, at South Gloucestershire and indeed by central government, any new development will need to be proposed in ways that mitigate the impact of additional residents. This Plan seeks to detail some of these as well as defining the look and feel we want our rural village to retain.
  • This preface is also draft and subject to change.
Next Steps
  • Laurence will draft the updated Plan and circulate to the group and also to the resident ex-Inspector for comment, then to South Gloucestershire planners with a view to moving to the post- Reg 14 next stage. It seems unlikely that South Gloucestershire will progress the project while it is in pre-election purdah.
  • Marcus will write a clarifying article for the next Charfield newsletter, bringing the community up to speed with the project and preparing them for the referendum stage.
Next Meeting
  • Wednesday 15th January at 19:30 in the small meeting room of the village hall (Paula to book and confirm)

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